his heart



Born and raised in a boot. (Louisiana)

Married to Renee Danielle Wold


• disciple • mentor • brother • son • performing artist • songwriter • choreographer • poet • pianist • teacher • friend • traveler • artist   

For as long as I can remember I always believed in God. I was raised in church, and grew up very involved. As I entered junior high I started noticing how easy it was to hide things from people. After dealing with being bullied, parents divorces, and my own issues with my identity I became very insecure and somewhat empty. I was mostly afraid to talk to people about what I was going through and what I dealt with because I didn’t know if I would find love and encouragement or abandonment and judgment. It was a very lonely place. I never stopped believing that God was with me. I never experienced true loneliness because I always knew and believed God wouldn’t leave me.

As I graduated high school in 2010 I was very quickly introduced to the world of opportunity. Truly everything was a choice. It didn’t take long before I started narrowing my vision to keep God as my focus. I went on this search to “find” God, and in that I found myself standing in the midst of a lot of confusion, and deep roots of rejection. As the truth of my heart was revealed I started experiencing freedom. As I began opening the deepest parts of my heart to the enlightening of His Word I encountered His presence in a whole new and intimate way. I was always “saved”, but then I began the journey of understanding the adoption.

What Jesus did for me was give me grace to crucify flesh. I didn’t leave a lifestyle with a suffering definition of identity solely because I was unhappy with it. I didn’t leave it because someone argued theology with me. The reason I left it was because my eyes were opened to God and I had an experience with Him. It changed everything. It didn’t automatically change my humanity, but when The Lord came into my life He awakened me to His reality. He began to bring cleansing to my defilement and healing to my brokenness.

So my testimony, my journey, isn’t even all about who I was, but who I’ve become because of His redeeming love, empowering grace, and unending mercy.